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Thread: Wild squirrel injury-advice needed

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    Default Wild squirrel injury-advice needed

    I was hoping maybe you could offer me some advice. There’s a squirrel that visits me regularly, he is wild. I leave food out for him regularly and I keep a squirrel box where he frequently stays so I can observe.

    Today I noticed he has an injury around his mouth and I am wondering if there’s some type of antibiotic or other type of medicine that I could leave in the food that I leave for him so that this injury does not get infected. I generally leave a bowl of assorted nuts for him and sometimes some avocado slices. He is active, he comes to the feeder and he appears to be of a healthy weight so I’m hoping that whatever this injury is he survives it. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated thank you very much
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    Default Re: Wild squirrel injury-advice needed

    It does not look like antibiotics are needed right now.

    If this does progress, it would be good to have antibiotics at the ready... do you have anything on hand?

    Also, do you see him every day if antibiotics become warranted?

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