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Thread: Baby fox squirrel with semi-paralysis needs transport

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    Default Baby fox squirrel with semi-paralysis needs transport

    I am in contact with an LA, California resident who has a baby fox squirrel they found (about 6-8 weeks old) with a potentially paralyzed back end. The local rehab said that they would humanely euthanize the baby but the rescuer really wants to find someone who is willing to try to see if there’s any improvement.

    I have offered to help but I live near Jackson, CA and the rescuer would need help finding a transport from LA up here if no one closer to the LA area is able or willing to help. The baby seems to have been stabilized and is eating walnuts and avocado but the rescuer wants to find help quickly.

    If anyone close to LA is willing to take in the squirrel for rehabilitation or to transport the squirrel please contact me. I understand how crazy of a time this is and that quarantine makes this much more difficult, but I really hope we can find this baby the care that it so desperately needs.

    Thank you for your help!

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