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Thread: Baby Squirrel Feeding

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    Default Baby Squirrel Feeding

    I have a baby squirrel that I think is about 5 weeks old. I just got him and am planning on returning him to outside when he is able. I don't know what to feed him and cant get a hold of any goat milk, puppy or kitten replacement milk. I also don't know how much to feed him. Can anyone help me? I am currently using a mix of evaporated milk and eggs.

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    Default Re: Baby Squirrel Feeding

    Thank you for helping this baby!

    I am not an expert. If you will keep a close watch here, someone can answer your questions and help with your baby.

    Is his eyes open? They open at about 5 weeks.

    Can you post a pic or two of your baby?

    He must be kept warm, as on a non-shut off heating pad placed under a plastic tub. Tub half on pad and half off so he can wiggle around and regulate his temp.

    He must be hydrated.

    He must have nutrition.

    Our local Wal-Mart carries goat milk to make the homemade formula until you can get the proper formula.

    Do you have a scale for weight? Grams preferably.

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    Default Re: Baby Squirrel Feeding

    Welcome to The SquirrelBoard

    This is a link to baby squirrel care.

    You will have to get the ingredients for the temporary goat milk recipe. You will find the recipe in the above link. If your store doesn’t have fresh goat milk, you can buy canned goat milk (Meyenburg) in the section where the evaporated milk is. The canned goat milk is concentrated and must be diluted 1:1 with water before using it in the recipe.

    You should order Fox Valley 20:50 as the permanent formula. You can purchase it from Henry’s Healthy Pets. They also sell O-ring syringes (1ml & 3ml) and Miracle nipples. The nipple is awesome and helps to minimize aspiration. With your order, add a bag of Baby squirrel blocks. It will be the first solid food. The shipping is a flat rate so it’s better to get everything you need.

    I would get the goat milk today. The evaporated milk will cause diarrhea and is totally nutrient deficient. He might seem fine for a few days but he will decline rapidly.

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