Mookie went back outside this morning into his release cage.

It has been four days since clavamox, and no issues with swelling or infection returning, Palpating his abdomen, I can feel a bit of something beneath the skin, probably scar tissue, but no swelling or fluid. And this little remaining bit is definitely much less than 2-3 days ago.

So as far as I can tell, all is good!

I am planning on moving my 9 month olds Arya and Iggy outside tomorrow. They have been in separate cages for awhile now, and we will move them out in these same cages.

First photo is Mookie in his release cage, eating a sweet potato.

Second photo shows Mookie's cage tucked into the hedge to the right by the shed. Arya and Iggy will have their cages tucked into the hedge to the left of Mookie.

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