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Thread: Best way to keep milk warm?

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    Default Best way to keep milk warm?

    Hi there, I am new to taking care of squirrels, but I am learning. I have 2 orphaned squirrels and was wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to keep the milk warm while one baby is being fed and the other is waiting? I like to warm up their formula by warm water. If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them Thank you.

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    I buy electric mug warmers at thrift stores when I see them but you might find one at Walmart or bed bath and beyond. I fill a metal cup with hot water, place it on the warmer and drop in my filled syringes with nipples attached or if you donít have that many syringes and nipples you can put a small container of formula inside a Pyrex bowl with water in it and place it on the warmer. Check the formula occasionally to be certain it hasnít gotten too warm.
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    I fill my syringes, cap them. Place in hot water, in a coffee cup, then cover the top with aluminum foil that has been folded over itself
    (like in half). Leave the tips of the plunges sticking out. Looks like this.........
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