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Thread: Flying squirrel hates his vegetables, need advice!

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    Default Flying squirrel hates his vegetables, need advice!

    So I've been raising Mr. Bean the flying squirrel since he was about 3 weeks old in September. He eats his HHB just fine but I don't think he is eating any veggies. I wake up in the morning and they look untouched every night. If i put fruit in there, its always gone but i try not to give him much fruit because I know he will eat it before the veggies. I limit his nuts as treats but I think he's just been working the cute angle with me and my boyfriend and getting extras to stash.

    So i cleaned out all his stashes and started the tough love routine. We're on day 5 and he is still not touching his veggies at all. In addition, he isn't sleeping deeply during the day like usual. He is constantly active, constantly wants out of the cage and when he is out, he's looking for food.

    I've been feeding raw (legumes, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, green bean, sugar snap peas, radishes, carrots, mushrooms - a big random assortment) but just recently saw a post about blanching/boiling. Tried that and had SOME interest but no bites.

    I think cooking is the best answer to getting him to munch on his veggies but im afraid he doesnt like how they are after boiling.

    Anyone else deal with a super picky flying squirrel or have some advice for cooking the food in an alternative way that's healthy and safe?

  2. Serious fuzzy thank you's to MrBean from:

    RockyPops (01-13-2020)

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