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Thread: paralysed baby squirrel.

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    Exclamation paralysed baby squirrel.

    I hav a baby squirrel probably 3 weeks old and it's with me for the past 2 weeks. suddenly2 days before I found this on the portico with its back legs dragging and tail also not working . I left it on the tree in the morning but found it on portico. so probably it fell down and got hurt. m not sure. it's getting difficult for me to take care of it and I dono if 'll be able to care for it for a longer period as m sure m not able to give the squirrel proper food and care. I need to hand it over to some one who 'll really take care of it very well. thanks in advance . need help as soon as possible

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    Default Re: paralysed baby squirrel.

    Are you located in India? Can you upload a picture of the squirrel so we can estimate age?

    If this is a young or baby squirrel it can be fed a homemade formula using 3 parts goats milk, 1 part heavy whipping cream and 1 part plain or vanilla yogurt. Feed it with a 1cc syringe if you can get one.

    If itís an older squirrel it might eat avocado (no skin or pit), kale or greens like lettuce, fruit. Hereís the diet for squirrels. Iím not sure what your squirrels eat in the wild, though.

    Prednisone is the drug that we use to help with spinal trauma. Would you be able to locate some? If so, someone on here can help you dose it, but we either have to have a picture of the squirrel to estimate weight or you have to weigh it.

    Thank you for helping this guy. Unfortunately we donít have many members in India, so we will try to help as best we can.

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