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Thread: Anyone familiar with Zoologic? Thoughts?

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    Default Anyone familiar with Zoologic? Thoughts?

    Hi, Gang! Does anyone get products from Jeffers? We get catalogs from them for Equine and also for pets. (They are in Dothan, Alabama.) I was perusing the current pet catalog and checked the formulas. If this one has been mentioned on TSB I can't recall.

    Zoologic Milk Matrix

    "Milk replacers designed to let you virtually match any mammal's milk. Can be used alone or blended with other components in the Matrix family to formulate a milk replacer with nutrient levels that closely match a species' natural milk."

    The ratio is protein to fat. Is that the same as Fox Valley etc.? I always wondered what the numbers meant. Is it protein to fat or does it mean something else with FV?

    Anyway their available formulas are:






    Just curious and looking for options IN CASE I ever have another precious little to raise. I don't have a credit card so waiting for a check to clear etc. dealing with FV or Henry's could take too long, if they'd even take a check.

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