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    Does anyone have an opinion or experience with Exotic Nutrition's squirrel food? I love how they put pictures of squirrels on the bag, but only found it for the first time online today.
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    I have a strong opinion. It's not very nice though. Keeping it short...JUNK.

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    A reading of the ingredients list should tell all.

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    Ditto... JUNK

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    Squirrels, squirrels and more squirrels....
    Prayers for the people who make this a better world...

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    Default Re: Exotic Nutrition


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    "Squirrel Complete . . Wholesome Nutrition for Pet Squirrels"

    If they really believe that then shame on them for not doing their research before making that claim and if they know and don't care then shame on them for likely hurting some trusting person's squirrel that is depending on the "professionals" to get it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky1 View Post
    Does anyone have an opinion or experience with Exotic Nutrition's squirrel food?
    The pictures may be subliminal, in reality it's !!
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    Default Re: Exotic Nutrition

    I bought a bag of their Squirrel Complete 1.75 Healthy Natural Food off of Amazon. My indoor squirrel refused to eat anything out of these except for the rodent blocks. Even the wild squirrels in the yard refused to touch any of it. The same with all the other critters that come around - the birds, raccoons, possums, and armadillos. That really says something when wild animals would rather go without food than eat what came in that bag.

    There were times in my farmer days where I would open a bag of corn and there would be a very slight powdery fungus/mold in with the feed. It would be really faint - just a slight dusting, but that was enough to scare away the livestock from wanting to eat it. I think that was the case with the bag of Squirrel Complete.

    Things like corn, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, sunflower and peanuts are not the best thing to feed squirrels as a daily staple diet. They are okay but not recommended as a main diet. Raw peanuts can be very dangerous to squirrels and should be avoided - mainly because the possibility of fungus exposure.

    I've also had bad luck with some of the other snacks and treats there. Maybe my squirrel is a picky eater but only thing he likes are the Yum Yum balls.

    I did buy my cage from them. It had a design flaw but I was able to manufacturer a part to correct it. They have good sales on things like bedding and forts for a squirrel. I really like some of the things they sell in that category and my squirrel loves the hanging Cozy Cube. I do still buy from them though and I have found they have an excellent customer service and are very prompt in shipping.

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