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Thread: Please help. Fox squirrel needs new home.

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    Default Please help. Fox squirrel needs new home.

    Hello, New member here in need of some help.
    I have a 1 year old fox squirrel named Ollie. He has very weak back legs and tail. He is very sweet, he loves to cuddle and get belly rubs and head scratches. He is on a diet of Blocks, Healthy, Regular, and Occasionally Hazelnut blocks. He loves fruits and veggies and nuts for treats. Unfortunately my family is splitting up and I am moving out of the state and I can't take Ollie with me. I am currently located in Colorado. If there is anyone out there who is good with squirrels that can take him I would be eternally grateful.
    He is such a sweet little soul and I hope to find a good home for him. When I first found him his back legs wouldn't move at all but lately he is getting more movement in his back legs and his tail is starting to fluff and curl up occasionally. It seems like he is not in any pain and if his mobility in his back legs and tail continue to increase he may even be a candidate for release one day but his recovery is very slow. If you know of anyone who can care for this sweet little boy in Colorado or if you know of anyone in the surrounding states please let me know as soon as possible. All of the local rescues are for wild squirrels and they euthanize special needs squirrels.

    Please help me find a new home for Ollie, he is such a sweet boy. I wish I could keep him because I love him dearly but my circumstances are forcing my hand.
    The fastest way to reach me is to email:

    Thank you,
    Mark and Ollie

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    Default Re: Please help. Fox squirrel needs new home.

    Most of the active members of TSB are located in the Eastern US. I don't know of any in your State, even so there may be one. I'm too far away; and then there is the issue of the squirrel likely not accepting handling by a stranger to consider also. There is a group located in Southern Washington named "Squirrel Refuge"; I would inquire If they could take your squirrel. At least then he would have a place to live.

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