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Thread: Paralyzed, 3 yr old with diarrhea

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    Default Paralyzed, 3 yr old with diarrhea

    I have a 3 year old, male fox squirrel. Got him as an eyes closed baby. Was paralyzed on intake with obvious spinal deformity. Had to express his bladder initially, but he was quickly able to do it himself. He has been healthy until recently. His diet is good, with added calcium either by powder or liquid drops in his water. In the last month, he has had between soft stools and complete diarrhea. Hair completely gone under his tail and skin is raw. Iíve also noticed his testicles are no longer ďvisibleĒ. Just an empty sack hanging there. And itís bulging around his anus. Fecal float was negative. Teeth are in good shape. And thatís all I know to check. Iíve added fiber to his diet. He is still drinking an average amount and his appetite is good. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Paralyzed, 3 yr old with diarrhea

    Could you be more specific about his diet?

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    Default Re: Paralyzed, 3 yr old with diarrhea

    Poor baby!

    Thank you for helping him!

    Do you have access to a vet?

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