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Thread: Nibbles wants in the house VERY BADLY

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    Default Nibbles wants in the house VERY BADLY

    I rehabilitated a squirrel we call Nibbles in April, she transitioned well and lives in our backyard and comes to a small feeder on our deck everyday to get a couple of nuts and treats. However, ever since it has been getting colder (or when it rains). She wants to come in soooo bad, I dont know if she is being chased by other squirrels or she wants to snuggle in her old little bed I had for her or both. She does not always try to get inside but lately she is like panicked.

    I would let her in but I am afraid as she attacked my husband and bit him a couple of months ago and just a couple of weeks ago I was able to feed her with my hand but she bit me for the first time. I love her so much and would love to have her come in and cuddle and get warm but I am just too nervous. What do you all think, should I open the door to let her in? Or would it be a bad Idea. I am so tempted but want to know what everyone thinks I should do. I just feel so bad for her. And I miss our cuddles.
    Thanks guys!!

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    Default Re: Nibbles wants in the house VERY BADLY

    I would try putting out a nice nest box rather than letting her in if she is aggressive. Maybe even put some of her old bedding in it to encourage her to use it
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    Default Re: Nibbles wants in the house VERY BADLY

    I just released 3 a month ago. One of them comes to my glass back door and looks in. He will even slam his body against the door to get my attention. I open the door and he comes in. He doesn’t want to stay inside. He snoops around, gets a treat and goes back outside. I don’t see a problem with letting him in. I really don’t think he will stay.

    They get to a point where you can’t feed them from your hand. It’s often an invitation to get bitten.
    I do occasionally but it’s not a good idea.

    I say, let him in for a visit. I really doubt he wants to move back inside.

    Edit... I see SammysMoms idea. That a great idea. His own nest box would be nice. Maybe he just needs to visit mom.

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    Default Re: Nibbles wants in the house VERY BADLY

    I think that with the biting aggression, the nestbox outside is probably the safest bet! I have a release that will walk into my house but she CLEARLY does not want to stay. She is pretty peaceful with us both so we enjoy her visits but if she were a biter we would probably keep the visits to outside our house.
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    Default Re: Nibbles wants in the house VERY BADLY

    Could Nibbles still have some nuts cached in the house? Behind furniture, in couch pillows, in shoes in closets, etc? She may be panicked because she knows she needs to bury nuts for the winter but she can't get to the ones she saved in your home. That makes for a frustrated, bitey squirrel. What you don't want is a situation where the squirrel regards the entire house as her pantry, and starts biting EVERYONE who goes toward the front door. (I think the founders of TSB, Trish and Jim, had a terrorist like this once!)
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