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Thread: Thank you everyone!Fritzie recovered!

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    Default Thank you everyone!Fritzie recovered!

    Thank you everyone who contacted me when I had an emergency with my baby Fritzie.I was in touch with Trish by phone but don't know how to contact her on this board.My phone broke and I lost all phone and text contact information.
    I especially wanted Trish to know that Fritzie is great thanks to her help.
    He's a Southern flying squirrel.
    I have a new phone with same tell number

  2. Serious fuzzy thank you's to Fritzie'sMom from:

    RockyPops (11-29-2019)

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    Default Re: Thank you everyone!Fritzie recovered!

    Great news that Fritzie is doing well!!

    We love pictures!

  4. Serious fuzzy thank you's to Spanky from:

    RockyPops (11-29-2019)

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    Default Re: Thank you everyone!Fritzie recovered!

    Hi Fritziís Mom,

    I am so glad to hear that your baby is doing well. .

    As Spanky said, Ďwe love pictures. We would also love to hear about Fritziís diet. Flyers have very specific needs that are different from tree squirrels.

    So so so glad to hear from you!
    State Licensed
    Master Wildlife Rehabilitator

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    island rehabber (11-30-2019), RockyPops (11-30-2019), Snicker Bar (11-30-2019)

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