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Thread: Help with 3 mth(est) squirrel- smelly urine/belly

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    Default Help with 3 mth(est) squirrel- smelly urine/belly

    I have a roughly 3 mth old squirrel that is in a bird cage in my house. I assumed it was a girl. Over the past week or so, her urine smell has become very strong. I cleaned out the bedding, but after smelling around the cage, it was the metal bars on the cage that was smelling. Is t normal for a female squirrel to spray, if so at such a young age?

    I mentioned her having a belly, in case that may indicate a health issue. When I was feeding her formula I made sure to rub her so that she would go to the bathroom. She is finally eating solid food. I quit feeding her formula about a week before the urine became so smelly. Could there be a link between the 2?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    If there arent any underlying issues that could be causing her urine to be so strong, what can I do to reduce the smell? Ive sprayed vinegar on the cage and whipped it down. It took about 2 hrs before the smell came back.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Default Re: Help with 3 mth(est) squirrel- smelly urine/belly

    Are there any other symptoms? Urinating frequently? Dribbling urine? Lethargic? Is her belly covered in urine?

    Squirrel urine does smell. I donít think it matters if itís a boy or girl, they urinate and it kinda sprays/squirts out behind them.

    Did you wean her or did you allow her to wean herself?

    If her belly has urine on it it might indicate a UTI and the urine should be washed off her so that she doesnít get urine scald.

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    Default Re: Help with 3 mth(est) squirrel- smelly urine/belly

    Squirrel urine usually doesn't smell. Baby could be dehydrated. Can we see a picture?

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    Default Re: Help with 3 mth(est) squirrel- smelly urine/belly

    Hi. When you say smelly do you mean very strong urine smell, or kind o rank smell? What color is his or her's urine? The belly issue could be bloat. Is the babies belly hard or soft? These answers will help us help you. Also is there any blood in the urine? This could be a UTI infection that's why describing the smell the best you can will also be a big help.

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