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Thread: do we have mites? Are these products safe?

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    Default Re: do we have mites? Are these products safe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chirps View Post
    Hi tree servce squrl rescue! Thanks for being so good to the squirrels! Reading this thread something jumped out at me. Are both babies itchy or just Pink, or both but Pink is more so? I wonder if the mites if that's what it is were/are in the tree you brought in for them. There is one kind of mite you can see with the naked eye. It's VERY tiny though. I call them "regular" mites since they are the only ones I have seen over the years (although only once or twice). If you examine her very closely you might be able to spot them if that is the problem. They are very dark/black. If you find any, that will give you a direction for treatment at least. The Revolution already mentioned would likely solve the problem. And the Dawn if she'll let you bathe her.

    Best of luck to you, Pink and Green Bean!
    Hi Chirps! I think Pink is the only itchy one. The mites (or other cause) were here before the tree. I've got to get that Revolution. Can I use the 8 in 1 bird protector in an area they can't get to near their cage, and can I use Ultra Care Mite and Lice bird spray? I have them in front of me but I'm scared to use them without some assurance. I'm excited to say that this morning her sides don't look like she tore them up all night. Yay!

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    Default Re: do we have mites? Are these products safe?

    I was going through threads and saw that you still had unanswered questions. No, I wouldnít use either of those products. Definitely donít put anything on them except Revolution, and then only one drop.

    Have Pinks raw, itchy sides healed?

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