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Thread: sister brother breeding?

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    Default sister brother breeding?


    Ok I have had a female flying squirrel as a pet for 5 years now shes just part of our family, but 4 weeks ago I got a call someone had cut down a tree and that a person had two baby flyers he was trying to get someone to take so I went and got them.

    They were about 5 weeks old then and they have been doing great! The little girl got AP and thought we were going to loose her but with good vet and immediate treatment a few days and she was good as gold. But at this point we have decided to winter them till next spring so I am worried about the brother and sister getting busy is this something that I need to worry about or because they are brother and sister they wont breed?



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    Interesting question! And I don't know the answer.

    But someone on here probably will so check back often.

    If your going to release them in the spring, I doubt they'd be mature enough by then. Not sure on flyers but on E. Grays sexual maturity seems to be around one year old.

    Got any pics of those little guys?

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    Default Re: sister brother breeding?

    I don't know how fast flying squirrels mature, but they will be fine together for a while

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    Default Re: sister brother breeding?

    I have overwintered flyers without incident of breeding. Even a younger, fall male, whose group included a spring female which I did not have a mixed sex group to release earlier.

    Speaking of which, I have 2 female flyers (not siblings) that need a group that includes male(s) for release.

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