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Thread: Himalayan Chews?

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    Default Himalayan Chews?


    Are Himalayan dog chews ok to give?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olive View Post
    Are Himalayan dog chews ok to give?
    Himalayan Dog Chew ingredients: Yak, Cow Milk, Salt, Lime Juice.
    Basically a cheese chew I can not find any percentages on these ingredients.
    That said, I can not comment on Yak or Lime juice but we do not feed cow's milk to squirrels,
    the (unknown) percentage of sodium may be an issue also.

    There has been concerns expressed among dog owners of a choking hazard once chewed down to
    a small size. It is recommended to throw small pieces away or wet and microwave that will turn it
    into a swelled "puff" that breaks down easier to chew without choking.
    Outside the cow's milk that is not easily digested with squirrels, the choking issue alone would not be
    worth the risk to feed to a squirrel in my opinion.
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