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Thread: I can take in babies Anderson sc. ⁸

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    Default I can take in babies Anderson sc. ⁸

    Im located in Anderson sc I have experience and love taking care of them. If anyone needs someone to take them in I will. Thanks and god bless.

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    Default Re: I can take in babies Anderson sc. ⁸

    How I wish I would see a posting like this and the person lived in one of the five boroughs of New York City! That would be a dream come true -- there aren't many of us and nobody can take anything after the first couple weeks of baby season.

    Thank you for being there for any babies in need. Are you experienced with baby squirrels? Have you taken steps to become a licensed rehabber -- (or maybe South Carolina does not require it.)
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    Default Re: I can take in babies Anderson sc. ⁸

    Incase some one finds a baby squirrel and calls me do you still take baby squirrels or squirrels in general in anderson sc?

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