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    Exclamation HURT FRONT PAW

    Hi there everyone!

    I carefully read your posts! Thatís great news for Tanna...Iím so happy to hear🥰🥰!
    Iím coming to you guys with a similar problem and was wondering if I could get some guidance...
    Iíve adopted a 5week baby squirrel about a month ago and a half ago! Heís been really healthy...difficult to keep up with his speed...until yesterday! ...
    His front paw got pinched between a falling chair and the table, and I thing the poor thing broke his little paw...heís been limping ever since, not using it...and his poor little fingers are just dangling.
    Iíve secured his paw in proper position with some ďNo hurt TapeĒ, brand Nexcare ...(perhaps Google The product so you get an idea)...itís really easy to put on especially since their so fidgety...I had some at home because I myself had wrist surgery a few years back, I often use it!

    Can anyone perhaps share some experience about how long it would take for his little fractured bone to heal?...Any advice is reallly appreciated ❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢, thanks in advance, Sandra

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    Hey Sandra,

    I would keep a splint on him for at least 4 weeks. The splint will need changing once a week cos of his growth. It would be a good idea to give infant ibuprofen for inflammation and pain. It does need to be infant. If you tell me your squirrels weight I can dose it for you.
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