Hi everyone,

I am currently re-habbing 2 baby eastern grey squirrels (about 4 wks old, eyes still closed), and I've been reading all this wealth of info on this board about nutrition and formula. I started wih Esbilac puppy and today started making the transition to Fox Valley 20/50 (as it just arrived) because of the Esbilac problems 2019 sticky.

So I was reading the ingredients of both Esbilac and FV formulas today and I am confused why FV is so much better? First of all, I noticed Esbilac has cream as 3rd ingredient while FV has yucky corn syrup solids, and second, Esbilac has probiotics added (which I read is very important to squirrelies) while FV has none.

Can anyone enlighten me please? I am especially worried about the lack of probiotics...

Much appreciated, thank you in advance!!