I have a baby grey squirrel for whom I'm trying to find the perfect cage. I want something really tall with several levels so he'll be able to do a lot of climbing. I've looked at Aviary cages in addition to the chinchilla/ sugar glider/ferret cages. My husband and my dad may also be able to make something, but I'd prefer to order one so I'll have it sooner.

I'd really like to spend no more than $300 for the cage itself. I've found some really big ones on Amazon in the $150-$300 price range, but I wanted to see what everyone on here had to say/recommend. I also would love to see pictures, or at least hear details, of what all you have in your cages and how it's all set up.

Also, can anyone give me some info on squirrels using a litter box? I didn't even realize that they would do that, but saw where some people had litter boxes in the squirrel cage.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance