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Thread: Found a young squirrel with back leg injury. Help!

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    Exclamation Found a young squirrel with back leg injury. Help!

    I was biking earlier today and found a baby squirrel, or at least a young squirrel, with broken or dislocated back legs. When it saw me it didnít try to run and of course my first instinct is to pet it. After a few minutes it made a threatening noise at me and tried to run away, but it couldnít because of its legs. I gave it some water and it seemed to calm down a bit. It tried to climb on me a few times but I was afraid it would bite me, so I didnít let her. I called my dad and asked him to bring a small tank and towel for it, and we brought it back home.
    Sheís currently in a 20 gallon fish tank with towels, a tank heater, small sock monkey (idk she might want a friend) water, and food, with the tank heater next to where sheís sleeping. She didnít eat anything but she did drink water.
    I honestly donít know what Iím doing. We take in wild animals when we can or when our cats catch them but weíve never had a squirrel before.
    The only wildlife experience Iíve had is rehabilitating a baby bird, we believed she was a sparrow or robin, and raising her after that. Her wing was injured and her throat was hurt, but after a few weeks she began to heal. We had her for about a year after that. I know a squirrel is totally different, but Iím trying to use my knowledge to help her. Iíve already posted on my other social media for help, and now weíre here.
    If ANYONE knows ANYTHING about taking care of squirrels, it would seriously be appreciated!!!

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    Default Re: Found a young squirrel with back leg injury. Help!

    Please keep checking back here. Someone will offer help.

    Can you post photos of the baby?

    Check other threads on this site for links to caring for a baby squirrel. He probably needs nutrition but needs to be warm and hydrated first.

    Thank you for helping this baby!

    And you may try posting in "Life Threatening Help Needed" thread. I think it gets checked more often.
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    Default Re: Found a young squirrel with back leg injury. Help!

    Here is a link on how to take care of a baby squirrel.
    It is 6 pages long.
    As RockyPops said ....keep checking back
    A picture would be helpful to determine the baby's age.

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    Default Re: Found a young squirrel with back leg injury. Help!

    Thank you for helping her, Rye! Where are you located? Can you post a photo of her so we can see age? If texting is easier, you can to 2032147427. It would be better if you posted as I may not be up for long.
    A heating pad under half of a plastic tote with fleece blankets is best. If you mix one cup very warm water with 1 tablespoon real sugar and 1/4 teaspoon salt, you have hydration solution.
    Squirrels, squirrels and more squirrels....
    Prayers for the people who make this a better world...

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