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Thread: Behavior and Activity Levels

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    Default Behavior and Activity Levels

    Hey all! Brief background:
    A baby squirrel climbed into my husband's lap on our porch, late afternoon of the 19th. We had been hearing baby squirrel noises the day before but didn't see anything. Well, we put him in a little open box with a towel and left him outside and kept an eye on him but momma still hadn't come back by dusk, so we took him inside and got him some pedialyte with a syringe. He's been set up in a large cat carrier with a rice buddy and cozy blankets.
    Called the human society to see which wildlife refuges are nearby, the closest one is over an hour away and they already have 80 squirrels! I guess this fall's crop of babies is having issues.

    On the 20th, my husband grabbed some Esbilac on his way home from work (he didn't know about the recent problems with it) and we've been doing 8-10mL feedings 4x a day. Now that I see there have been calcium issues, I'll order a thing of Fox Valley and switch to that when it comes in, which won't be til Friday or even Monday the 30th. Do I need to add anything to it until then? I have no idea where I'd find goat milk here.

    We think he's about 5 weeks old. He's not super active though, and I'm not sure how much they are moving around at this age. After he feeds, I've been taking him outside to get some sun and fresh air and he just chills on my lap or my chest. He's also a bit wobbly? I'm not sure what's normal so I'd love some input. Also how much do you handle them? I know they stay in the nest the majority of their infancy but how much is a momma squirrel in there with them? There's not much online that I've found about touching them and their activity levels.

    Any helpful tips that aren't on the stickied posts would be appreciated!

    Here's the wee little guy:

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    Default Re: Behavior and Activity Levels

    Hello biscuit,
    I'm by no means an expert. But if you could find the goats milk Esbilac ( I think) that will get your baby over til the other arrives. It doesn't have the calcium problem that the puppy Esbilac has. And tums can be used as an intervention for calcium I think.
    Did you read the mustard banner warning at top of page.
    Someone should check in here with an answer soon.
    Thanks for caring for this baby!

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