I found a baby squirrel in my yard this evening around 6:00pm. An hour after the rehab places closed. Left him outside with a towel till nightfall but mom never came back. Brought him inside and he is now in a box with heated rice socks and a hot water bottle under his towel.
The rehab phone messages say to not give him food or water but I feel that is kind of mean. He hasnít woken up really though and has been sleeping since I gave him the towel outside. He was a little cold but is warm now.

I just put a heating fan in the bathroom with him at 80 degrees and was planning on leaving the door open so he doesnít overheat. I think he may have fly eggs on him and I read that may be a reason mom didnít want him. He definitely has fleas and I killed two of them. Should I be worried that he hasnít tried to move much or hasnít been awake? I just want him to live the night till I can get him somewhere that can help him.