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Thread: What age to give hanging water bottle?

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    Question What age to give hanging water bottle?

    My baby is about 6 weeks old and been doing great! He weighs 150g, opened his eyes about four days ago and is super sweet and strong. I have had him since he was about 1.5, 2 weeks old. My question is what age do I give him his own water? I started giving him Kaytee mouse,rat & hamster block after his eyes opened. He has decent interest in it, nibbles a bit as there’s crumbs in his cage and I’ve watched him eat as well, but mostly he is still obsessed with his formula lol. I want to transition him properly with things . So when do I also give him his own water source? Or what do I give him to chew on, if anything, other than his rodent block?
    Thanks for the help ( I’m attaching a pic from today, while I was giving him a “massage”. This is different from when I lightly scratch him lol. He loves them and moves himself for me to hit different spots, I think he might be spoiled!)Name:  67F62A15-87A7-4E8C-9B83-90AED63D9CCB.jpg
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    Default Re: What age to give hanging water bottle?

    I normally add a water bottle when they start 'playing' in their cage.
    You can add sticks and then later pinecones to chew on. Dried sticks with smooth bark (not pine or fir).
    No, your squirrel is not spoiled. He is just getting what he is due.

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