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Thread: New Squirrel Mom - Habitat Concerns

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    Default New Squirrel Mom - Habitat Concerns

    Hello everyone! I've got two babies, about three weeks old on my hands now. I'm curious what will be the best habitat for them as they get older and more mobile. Should I go for a hamster cage or rabbit cage?? What type of bedding? What type of toys or interactive things do they need? I know they are just babies, but I want to be prepared for when they're eyes open and they start moving about!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: New Squirrel Mom - Habitat Concerns

    Hamster and rabbit cages will not suffice. You need to avoid chicken wire used in most rabbit cages because squirrels will chew on that wire and cut their mouths up pretty drastically. Also, most rabbit cages have "exposed wood" that squirrel can and will chew right through very quickly.

    The ideal cage has 1/2 inch bar spacing that is too small for the squirrels to chew on (chewing on bars can result in misaligned teeth). Horizontal versus vertical bars is also good as it is better for squirrels to climb upon... though I do have several with vertical bars myself (it is usually a larger challenge for the youngsters (8 - 11 weeks or so).

    I would venture to say that the "Critter Nation" cage is most popular... I am including a link as reference as to the basic size of the cage. The double critter nation also allows you to close off the top from the bottom for up to 9 or 10 weeks old when I open the whole cage up for them to use after they are more well coordinated.

    I see this price is pretty high but frugal shoppers can find it much cheaper and occasional sales on these can offer super pricing too (I think the best price I ever got was about 1/2 of the current Amazon price). These are basically the size cages I use until they are ready for their soft release at about 14 - 16 weeks of age. The release process requires several weeks (hence the "soft").

    And I always have an eye out for used cages in my area... I hope this will help!

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