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Thread: Anal Hernia?

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    Default Anal Hernia?

    This poor little guy was running diarrhea on Esbilac for 5 weeks.
    The stuff kept capping his anus, and as he pushed against that it bulged out the tissue under it like a hernia.
    I am soaking the poop off regularly, but need advice on how to bring this down.

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    Default Re: Anal Hernia?

    Is the swelling coming down at all for this boy?

    The only time I have seen this sort of thing is with diarrhea like you mention... the entire GI tract gets very irritated. Getting the diarrhea under control, the irritation gets better the welling goes down... but you already know that.

    These sort of issues also suggest (anecdotally) that the Esbilac issues may extend beyond simply the calcium changes...

    I sure hope other might have some suggestions that will help... BUMP

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