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Thread: Baby squirrel found

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    Default Baby squirrel found


    I found a baby squirrel running on the street, afraid on my way to work yesterday. I took him home, warmed him, fed him and he seems to be doing good now. I do not know what to do now. I called the SPCA Montreal and they told me to leave him outside. The squirrel is not an adult and cannot break a hazelnut yet!

    Should I leave him near where I found him? or in a place which is a massive park away from the roads?

    Please, let me know what to do?

    Here's an image.

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    Default Re: Baby squirrel found

    There is a facility in Montreal to contact. It is called Ecureuil Land. If you can’t find a number for them please check their Facebook page. Please reach out to them for help. I have some other names of Rehabber in Canada, but I don’t know exactly where each one is located.

    I looked at the pic...definitely too young to be on his own.

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