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Thread: Introducing food blocks

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    Default Introducing food blocks

    I raised 3 gray squirrels 3 years ago and released them. I used Mazuri rat blocks. I see alot of internet postings using Henry's blocks. Which are better to use?

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    Default Re: Introducing food blocks

    Hi! I've only raised one, last year, and also used Mazuri because it's what I could get. Yet hardly anyone here ever mentions Mazuri. It seems to be a matter of taste. Mazuri meets the nutrition requirements but most squirrels aren't fans unless it's doctored up to taste better. It's always recommended that the food blocks be introduced before anything else so the squirrels don't get picky from the getgo.

    Are the posts you're reading talking about nonrelease squirrels? People feed the different Henry's blocks to make sure the squirrels get adequate nutrition since they aren't out foraging like the wilds. And I guess since people already have Henry's for nonreleasables they feed what they have to their release squirrels too.

    If Mazuri worked for you before it should work again, as long as they'll eat it. That is what I gather from all the threads I have read anyway.

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    Default Re: Introducing food blocks

    Lots of opinions on this topic.

    Henrys blocks are formulated for squirrels. You only need to feed 2-3 per day IN CONJUNCTION with healthy veggies from the squirrel food pyramid. Mazuri is a complete nutrition block that can be free fed...they can eat as many as they want. Adding veggies and limited fruits gives them variety. I prefer Envigo Harlan Teklad 2018 over Mazuri. It is the same type free feeding block.

    If you have young squirrels and initially introduce them to Harlan Teklad or Mazuri, they will eat it. If you introduce Henrys first they will undoubtedly turn their nose up at anything that’s not Henrys. . There are ways to “doctor up” Harlan Teklad and Mazuri’s to make it more desirable, they’re called boo balls, and there are many recipes in the nutrition section.

    Henrys and Harlan Teklad must be purchased online.

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