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Thread: Esbilac Warning (Ongoing)

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    I have 3 baby pink and a little black eastern baby squirrels. We had to cut down our old Maple tree and in one of the parts of the tree were two baby squirrels. Then another baby squirrel was found on the ground near another tree. I read a lot of information and some contradict one another so I do not know what I need to do because right now the 3 babies are having issues.
    I started giving the 3 babies Pedialyte to hydrate them than I started with the formula Esbilac with the prebiotics and probiotics and followed the directions of 2 part water to 1 part of the formula that I saw on a video. Then when overnight my babies became very thin. I read more and more information and I found out that I was supposed to start 3 parts water and 1 part formula. Then I started feeding them with this strength and first dehydrating them. I have been stimulating the squirrels every feeding and their bowels have been very loose. They are still very thin and I need help to bring them back to being healthy. I tried to contact my area vets and no one will help me. I went on Henry's Pet Food and this company brought me to your organization. Please help me save my babies.

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    Was there any chance of mom returning? Moms usually have more than one nest and will take their babies back even if theyíve been handled. They must be kept warm and you must watch over them. If you place them in a box that mom can access and itís near where you found them she may retrieve them. That would be best if itís possible.

    What is the expiration date of your Esbilac? This is very important. If it has an expiration date of 10/21 or later, it is probably ok to use, as other rehabbers have had no problems with it. I assume this was not a can that you had for awhile. If it is, how itís been stored is important, too. The can must be kept refrigerated and if stored for a long period of time, kept in the freezer. Is this powdered formula and not liquid? They ARE NOT the same. Liquid Esbilac has always caused diarrhea.

    If youíve visited the Henrys website then Iím sure you saw the 6 page instructions on caring for baby squirrels. Itís important to keep the babies warm. Rehydrate them and then feed them. The milk line on their tummies should go down before you feed them again.

    An alternative to Esbilac is the homemade goats milk formula with an egg yolk can be found by clicking on the Esbilac banner at the top of the page.

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    i don't know if it will help, but i had a baby fall out of our tree. went on google, and asked how does a baby squirrel call for its moma..played the video and mom
    was at my feet. went over to the baby and played again with my phone next to baby. mom got her and off they went. my wife loved it when mom scared me because
    she was there so quick..good luck

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