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Thread: He's running around and hoping now

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    Default He's running around and hoping now

    So baby Albert is hopping and jumping around now his big cage arrived today I'm still waiting on my Henry's order. Anyway my question is do I put his incubator nest box I made in the cage so he can run around more? Now that he is more active do u have any tips on what I should do to make him happy until release? This is a pic with his lid off he's checking everything out
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    Default Re: He's running around and hoping now

    He is a cutie pie. He looks to be about 6 weeks?

    He is still too young to be out running around. His bushy tailed momma would kick his a$$ if he left the nest at this age.

    Can you show a picture of the cage you are talking about. At this age I do put mine in a cage, but the size is 12 x 14. They have a ~2 stick about 4 off the floor so they can practice balancing. I also hang a small hammock and leave plenty of fleece for them to chose either to sleep.
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