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Thread: Will male grey squirrel I raised eat babies?

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    Default Will male grey squirrel I raised eat babies?

    Hey all. I have a question. I raised two grey squirrels, a brother and sister, and released them about 6 months ago. They both live in the trees in my yard and come back daily for food. A month ago I trapped the male in my large release cage to monitor him while he was going through an infestation of bot flies. They are gone now and he's all healed up, but since he's been in the cage, the female has had babies in one of the trees in my front yard that are about 2 weeks old now. Question is, if I release him... Will he follow her to her nest and eat or kill her babies? Will she attack him and hurt him for coming to see her? I'm not sure how long to wait to re-release him, or if I even need to wait. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Will male grey squirrel I raised eat babies?

    I don't think he will hurt the babies and she will definitely protect her babies, whether it's him, another male or even a female, if they get too close. It's instinct to protect their young and I think squirrels recognize this behavior and steer clear after being chased enough.

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    Default Re: Will male grey squirrel I raised eat babies?

    He might try to visit but will soon get the message that the WELCOME sign has been removed.
    He will figure it out pretty quickly. I doubt he could get close enough to injure the babies.
    I would release him. Babies can stay in the nest for up to 12 weeks so you canít hold him that long.

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