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Thread: Can I introduce two babies to eachother?

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    Default Can I introduce two babies to eachother?

    I am caring for two babies from different litters. They are close in age. Baby 1 (Earl) is a boy and I found him @ two weeks ago. He just opened his eyes yesterday. Baby 2 (Elsa) is a girl who I think is about the same age as Earl but 1/2 the size. I received her on Sunday evening from a friend. She’s still not in stable enough shape to merge with Earl but I think it will be possible soon. She was tussled by a cat, suffering with pneumonia, and is therefore on antibiotics; but she has started to turn a corner and is now eating/peeing and moving around.

    I let them sniff eachother from my hands yesterday and they didn’t attack or seem irritated. I would like to keep them in the same cage b/c I only have one large cage that is suitable to grow them until release. I figured they would fare better at release if they had a friend?

    Thoughts or advice is most appreciated!

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    Default Re: Can I introduce two babies to eachother?

    Yes, at that age they can definitely be put together, once the girl is stable. Matter of fact they do better with a "litter mate".

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