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Thread: Baby squirrel identification

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    Default Baby squirrel identification

    Does anyone use anything to identify their baby squirrels to tell them apart?

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    Default Re: Baby squirrel identification

    I use nail polish on the hind toes. Pink-right foot, blue-right foot, yellow-right foot, then pink left, blue left, yellow left and no mark, which gives me up to 7 identifiers in the same bin, if needed. Then there's always the "which ones have penises and which don't", which expands the identifiers in the same bin if truly needed. I do not paint the fur or skin, just the tiny little nails. The creamy colors work best and the metallic colored ones are kinda hard to see (at least for me). Generally the polish lasts for 3 weeks.

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    Default Re: Baby squirrel identification

    When they have bald tummies.. I actually number them with a marker.
    Once the fur comes in I stop marking them. Markers just bleed and change color, and nail polish causes bald spots.
    With 5 weeks and older squirrels I have in the past used a mustache trimmer to put a little bald spot on a thigh, side, or back for tracking specific ones.

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