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Thread: Canno Get The Blocks in 10 yo Squirrel with MBD (almost died 5 days ago)

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    Default Canno Get The Blocks in 10 yo Squirrel with MBD (almost died 5 days ago)

    Hi Miss Suzy Joy Button's squirrel mommy here. She continues to improve. She is struggling yet with one leg that is weak and I believe hurts to a degree. She will not let it keep her down though. She is now fighting me on the syringe of calcium water, bites the syringe and refuses to give it back. She had to be confined to her cage, set up to protect her because there is no keeping her on the bed with me anymore. She is on the move. All great news, HOWEVER, you knew that was coming, right? Her Henry's blocks for picky eaters came yesterday. I have laced them with clover honey, soaked in watermelon juice until soggy, poured hot butter over them and then refrigerated because she will l not eat warm food. She licks it off and refuses the block. I wanted to make sure something else wasn't causing this so I gave her watermelon and she ate it. I tried a pinky fingernail size of walnut and she could hardly find the thing and managed to eat it. SOOOooooo it is the same problem it was when I went searching for a new recipe/block that she loved but was sub par, and got us into this whole mess of MBD. She NEEDS the good blocks and HATES them!! This is no time to starve her when she has been through so much. Read story under life threatening if interested. I took her outside this morning and gave her a couple clovers, which she loves and she ate them like she was starving and soon they frothed back up (throw up) because she needs real substance in her tummy with the calcium water, which I lace with unsweetened cranberry juice and clover honey. I don't want the energy, strength and good attitude to go away and I know her. It won't take long until she goes into herself and refuses to communicate. It's her way of telling me she is not happy. She isn't there yet. How do I get 2 blocks a day in her? I tried crushing the block and added just a bit of walnut with it, per Lee, who owns Henry's but to no avail. Miss Suzy is not one to eat anything crushed. Please reach out if you have suggestions that have worked for you. I am at my wits ends. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Canno Get The Blocks in 10 yo Squirrel with MBD (almost died 5 days ago)

    I answered in your original thread.

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