Hi there!
I can across a small fox squirrel at my nieces soccer game the other day. I tried my hardest to return him to mama, but had no luck. There are few rehabbers in my area, the only one said that she could take him in the next couple weeks if he survives. Iím a biology student who wants to learn how to be a rehabber, but I really feel like I have no business caring for this guy. Heís a pinky, he looks to be in the 10 day to 2 week range. He is peeing wonderfully for me but has not pooped. Iíve been giving him the correct kind of puppy milk that is mixed with water, I even cut out the heavy whipping cream to see if he would go... no luck
Yesterday AM I tried a little diluted apple juice, nothing. Mixed the formula with even more water and still nothing. So Iíve been giving him warm water with TINY bits of formula. Sometimes just warm water. I did baby smithicone drops (gas-x). Warm water massages, held him close and massaged with no water. Rubbed and rubbed to get him to potty. A tiny bit a Karo in water. A tiny bit of coconut oil on his butt and in his mouth. Checked him just a smidge ago and there was 3 TINY dark flea sized poop, but nothing else.

So a few things: how much of the treatment options can I be giving him? How often? Do I discontinue food? Do I give warm water hourly? Can he have apple juice, coconut oil, and/or karo syrup?

Iím at such a loss and do NOT want to lose this guy. He is starting to look a little bloated, and his butt looks a little puffy.

Iím within an hour of Springfield, Quincy, Macomb, Illinois. I can even be in St. Louis MO on Saturday if there is a rehabber who will take him.

If not, itís just me and him. Iím glad to do my best, but hopeful to find someone more equipped than me. I have no way to weigh him, limited funds as Iím a college student, and with classes starting soon, I donít know how I will care for him other than bringing him with me when I commute.

Heís about the size of a small hamster, being that small Iím just so afraid Iíll mess something up and give them too much of something.