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Thread: 5 weeks old squirrel found

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    Default 5 weeks old squirrel found

    I found a probably 5 weeks old squirrel in the middle of the road. I gave it water and it recovered rather fast. It is now in a plastic container. It's about 25 Celsius here. What food shall I give it? Can I give catmilk? (lactose-free)? Can I give it pinda's, walnuts ? Thanks for advice.

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    Default Re: 5 weeks old squirrel found

    No, actually you want to give it puppy formula, not kitten. In the US the one we use is made by a huge company and you may even have it. It is called Esbilac. Call around and see what you can find. A powdered version is best if you can locate.

    A temporary formula can be made from goats milk, full fat yogurt and then a little bit later, heavy cow's cream. But the puppy formula will be your ticket.

    Go here:

    In the top turquoise banner on the page is "Baby Squirrel Care" and a click will find 6 topics. Start at the first and read all the way through - it is the best thing written on this subject that I can find - also nicely condensed.

    Adult food will be a rat diet "pellet" of some kind. Not the mix with dried corn and sunflower seeds - the stuff you need is manufactured into little rods the size of the first joint of your finger - like giant rabbit pellets. Mazuri, Envigo are a few US brands - again, you will need to do some hunting. It is important that it be rat food and not guinea pig or any other rodent.

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