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Thread: Possible Pneumonia in 11-ish week old boy

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    Quote Originally Posted by HRT4SQRLS View Post
    By the way, I see you bought the Henry’s blocks. When the blocks come in I put a handful of blocks in a Ziplock bag in the refrigerator for use the first week. The rest of the blocks go in the freezer. They must be stored in the freezer as they have no preservatives. They will mold if not stored in the freezer.

    Henry’s blocks are a supplement block. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and protein. Because they are a supplement the amounts given are limited. A baby would only get one block per day. Because your baby is SO big he could easily have 2 per day. Larger adults like fox squirrels can have 3 per day.

    They can have other commercial rodent blocks free choice. The problem is that they usually don’t like them if they were not started on them as tiny babies. Give a 6 week old baby a commercial rodent block and they will nibble and eat it. Give an 11 week old the same block and he will give you the stink eye. The Henry’s blocks have pecans in them to make them tasty.
    Thank you so much for all of your help! I'm out buying goodies now. Hes much better late last night into today. Normal energy level. I only used Bama because I could think of much else. Lol

  2. Serious fuzzy thank you's to Bama2015 from:

    Nancy in New York (06-29-2019)

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