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Thread: Lumps near anus. Need help PLEASE

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    Default Lumps near anus. Need help PLEASE

    We have an older male fox squirrel with neurological problems. He has developed pea sized lumps on either side of his anus. He is still pooping normally. I thought it just may have been his anal glands during mating season. They don't seem to be going away. They are parallel (sideways) to the base of his tail. He hasn't been eating quite as much. Any idea what this could be? Please help. I am very worried about him. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Default Re: Lumps near anus. Need help PLEASE

    I have a grey boy and his anal glands stopped coming and going after year three or so, now they are there and hard all the time, but the do get slightly harder and he gets constipated near his yearly hormonal seasons. All this is normal. This year my boy started biting at the fur at the base of his tail as well, and I am concerned it may mean pain/infection, so I am speaking with people about it, and will post further as I learn more.

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