I have been a squirrel member for about a year on here. The problem I have is not a squirrel problem but I hoping someone can help. This is only the 3rd fawn I have had.

I have a 20 day old fawn that I have been hand raising since she was a couple of days old. I had her on goats milk for about a week and transitioned her to red cap. Everything has been fine up until 3 days ago. For the moment I keep her in the house and take her outside regularly to stretch her legs and eat. She will eat dirt, nibble on grass, and about 4 days ago she started eating Oak tree leaves. At first I notice she wasnít capering around the yard, which was odd because she is usually all over the place. I also noticed that she wasnít eating as much as normal. Each feeding got less and less. She drank about 2 ounces at midnight. 8 hours later and she hasnít drank a drop. She will lick the nipple and just turn her head. Her rectal temp is 101.6. She peeing and pooping regularly. Last night when I took her outside she was walking around with her tail stuck straight out. A few minutes ago she pooped twice on her own without me stimulating her. She has always peed on her own but I have always had to stimulate her to poop. Could she be constipated even though she has normal bowel movements? Could the Oak leaves hurt her gut? I made her stop eating them because thatís when I started noticing the difference in her behaviors. Her poop does appear normal. It is a very dark greenish-brown. It is tiny pieces clumped together. Most of the time it does have some opaque mucus in it. I can tell she just doesnít feel very good. I can see it in her eyes. Any advice would truly be appreciated.

Update** itís about an hour later
I have her 6 ml of sugar water and 1 ounce of Pedialyte with a syringe. She licks me and wants to suckle on my ears, but she WILL not take her bottle. She just sucks on my ears and makes her normal kitten sounds. Could the red cap milk be the problem?

Another update**
Her nose and ears are cold. Her nose is usually very warm. Iíve turn her heating bed back on to see if that helps. She keeps following me around like she does when itís time to eat. I got her to suck the bottle for a min. She drank maybe 1/3 ounce. I stuck it in her mouth a couple more times. As soon as the milk goes in her mouth she jerks her head. Iím about to go get her some real goats milks and see if she will take that. She still wants to lick my neck and nurse my ear.

I just got 3 ounces of Pedialyte down her with a syringe. Afterwards I noticed her hunkering like she does when she is going to pee. She did pee a little the she hunkered again and pooped a little slimy turd. A few minutes later I wiped her and it was runny. It is a very dark olive green color. I will say the last time I gave her Pedialyte is made her poop runny then as well. I hate to give it to her but at the same time I donít want her to get dehydrated. Iím not entirely sure itís the Pedialyte giving her loose stool.