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Thread: Bird in Richmond VA

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    Default Bird in Richmond VA

    I know it's not a squirrel, but I also know most people on here are Avid animal lovers. A teenager I know has come across a baby blackbird, possibly a crow or Raven in Richmond Virginia. They have tried to leave the bird in hopes mom will return, but the bird is refusing to be left. None of the kids with her have cars or drive. I am not in Richmond but have tried to call every rehabber and Wildlife Place I can locate. No luck! Can anyone help or know someone who can help?

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    Default Re: Bird in Richmond VA

    You should check this link for the county nearest you:

    Even if one don't do birds they may be able to direct you
    to where you can go.
    State Licensed
    Wildlife Master Rehabilitator

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    Just want everybody to know I have the bird a juvie—blackbird maybe Grackle. I regularly get Starlings— their not protected. Don’t want anything to die because there was no room at the inn—so to speak

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