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Thread: Pox in the central FL area?

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    Default Pox in the central FL area?

    Hey Guys,

    So one of my regulars was missing for awhile and then magically showed up on my back balcony for nuts again, only, she does not look so good
    I've never actually seen squirrel pox before and I've never heard of it being in the Orlando area, but that's my best guess. At first I thought maybe she'd been attacked by an animal because the wounds looked raw and one was bleeding. But when she got close enough to take a nut from my hand I could see that these looked more like swellings or boils. She has one on her back that's a large, leathery black protrusion that doesn't look much like pox or an abscess (which is what I first thought it might be). After scouring the internet, I decided that it might be pox after all, but as I've never seen it first hand, I couldn't actually say. I have pics below (sorry for the poor quality. I only had my phone with me and she wouldn't let me get a good shot. I finally just took a few seconds of video and then snagged a screenshot from that). Sadly, I wasn't able to get one of the mass on her back, but I'll try again tomorrow.

    Does this look like pox to anyone else? Do we have evidence that it's in the Central Florida region? I mean, it makes sense to me that it would be with our mosquito populations, but in 20 years here I've never actually seen it.
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