Hello all, I hope this question hasnít been repeated a thousand times but I couldnít seem to find it in the search - how can I help my backyard friends stay healthy? I started out with peanuts and sunflower seeds last year and found out that those werenít really the best things for them, tried recipe from the squirrel nutrition website, made them several times trying different tweaks and never seemed to land on something these guys will eat. I dust calcium powder onto walnuts or almonds a couple times a week and continue to offer them fresh fruits and veggies but dang, these guys are as picky as my toddler! I would love to know what is recommended, and what others here offer their backyard buddies. I try to offer the most complete nutrition in the winter and early spring, and assumed I could probably offer less variety in summer. I havenít figured out if itís the rabbits, my raccoon friend, or the squirrels that have been devouring the wild strawberries in our yard, but some critters are surely enjoying them!
Thanks for any advice you can give!