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    Question. I just got 3 orphaned red squirrels that are approximately 3-4 weeks of age today. I have been doing feedings every 3 hours. Do I continue to feed them every 3 hours throughout the night as well? I assume I do but just want to be sure Iím doing whatís best for them.


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    When I first get babies in I do feed them through the night for a few days. They usually are dehydrated when they first come in so I hydrate/feed them round the clock. After they are stabilized it depends on how old they are or the size. Iím not familiar with the size of baby Red squirrels so I will just comment on age. If you think they are nearing 4 weeks they donít need night feedings. I feed older babies late at night (around 11-12 PM) and early in the morning (around 5-6 AM).

    Can you post a pic? Others on the board are familiar with red squirrels and can confirm the age.

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