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Thread: BC squirrely momma of a baby flying squirrel girl<3

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    Default BC squirrely momma of a baby flying squirrel girl<3

    My baby girl is roughly 4-5 weeks old, eyes not open yet but any day should be=) We cut a tree down not k oeing there was a best in it. The mom was in the best w 4 pink babies only a couple days old. She didnt come back for them and 3 of the babies died the first couple days I was trying to save them=/ A couple were injured from the fall and one wouldn't take formula but the littlest one, the runt, is a little fighter=) I named her Ruby, lil Rue, Bug or Bugaboo=) we spent a few sleepless nights together both of us unwilling to give up and she has pulled through some sticky situations and I love her with my entire heart<3 I have never met an animal like her- what a personality in such a small little body! I joined the squirrel board because you guys helped me save this little girls life and I have learned a few tricks of my own I want to share to help any other new squirrely moms/dads=) Anyways have a great night and thank you all!

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    Default Re: BC squirrely momma of a baby flying squirrel girl<3

    Squirrelly Momma this is a great post. We are so happy that TSB helped you with your little flyer and now you are paying it forward to others. Aren't flyers amazing little beings?
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    Default Re: BC squirrely momma of a baby flying squirrel girl<3

    to TheSquirrelBoard

    They are amazing arenít they! We would love to see pics of Rue.

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