Hi all -

This forum has been so helpful for me in the past with my two earlier squirrel buddies. We're raising a newer baby (Charlie) and up until the last couple of days, he was doing great. But beginning the day before yesterday, he's been kind of slowing down. He's still eating just fine (Henry's healthy blocks, plus Esbilac formula and just a few tree nuts), he just doesn't have much energy - he's sleeping most of the time, and when he does come out he mostly just sits there, and is definitely not jumping much. I've examined his legs and feet and he doesn't seem to be injured at all. I've searched around here on the forums and found a number of references to MBD - can someone tell me a little more about that? Does it sound like this may be what's happening?

Again, he's about 10 weeks old.

Thanks in advance!
Mike (and Charlie)