I have been watching my little one and it looks as though she is straining to pea and possible poop. I started giving her craqnberry juice and crazins and prune yesterday. She was not eating her wax worms as usual about a week ago and this is when I noticed she was not eating as usual. She has started to eat much better now I have been giving her worms by had ...she eats her fruit on her own...apple & blueberries and a little bricolli. She has been pooping...not as much as usual but getting there. Thinking she might not have been pooping becausse of eating less. This past 6mths she started to pea and poop in her bed rather than on side of cage as she has always done in the past..it was a gradual thing. I thought it was her older age causing this but now am wondering if she has been having problems. Several years ago she had some blood in urine and was straining to pea then but I never treated her with the antiobiotics because she all of a sudden started to pea normal after the cranberry juice! So now I am watching and seeing a bit of improvement....her little button looks like it is a bit swollen and more pink than usual. So her weight today is 2.60 oz...I do have SMZ-TMP 800-160 MG Tabs from 2017 for human use. Wondering if I should keep watching before I give antiobotic because I am seeing improvement in her pees and poops or just give her meds? Can you let me know what you think I should do and give me dosage for her weight of 2.60 in case I need to give meds. Also wondering if this is age related or if she got depressed and was not eating and drinking as good as usual because I was not as attentive to her ....my Mom has been sick and I was not giving my little one Fez as much attention. I have never given her any meds in the 11 years I have had her and am a bit scared to do so but will if needed. Also wondering if she could be in heat....Not sure at what age this stops! Hope you can direct me in what I should do with her. Thank You, Diane