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Thread: Has anyone done a study?

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    Default Has anyone done a study?

    Has anyone studied what baby squirrels eat in the nest when still nursing? I am thinking a mom squirrel might bring in a nut and they would eat parts of it left over. We are told constantly to leave rodent block or Henry's in the nest as their first food. I have yet had squirrels eat any of the blocks I give them with gusto. I have been rehabbing for years, never had one with MBD. I usually wind up making homemade balls with the rodent block. I give them various branches to chew and they love the bark. They probably get that in the wild as well as a first food. I just wish someone would make a healthy block they actually like!!

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    Default Re: Has anyone done a study?

    I watch my yard crew and moms dont seem to bring any food to the nestboxes. Food in the nest is a draw for other animals. If block is the first and ONLY food offered they eat it.
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