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Thread: Sanctuary or permanent place for squirrel

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    Default Sanctuary or permanent place for squirrel

    I have an almost 1 year old baby boy I rehabbed since he was a pinky, who doesn't want to leave, he's very attached to me and my mom and although I love him I work too many hours to keep him. So I'm hoping I can find a sanctuary or someplace to take him that he will be safe, just looking for options.


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    Default Re: Sanctuary or permanent place for squirrel

    You are about 2 hours from a wonderful place.

    She is a member here but doesn't come here much as she is very busy rescuing both wild and domestic animals.

    I doubt that your friend is a non-release if he is healthy. Even the most loving and timid squirrel will wild up if the release process is done properly. They need to be in an outside predator proof cage so that they can acclimate to the outside. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. It's common for them to be afraid when they first go outside. Realistically, the outside IS a scary place if all you have ever known is a fleece bed and human interaction. When they adjust to the outside their instincts begin to kick in and they start to act more like a squirrel instead of a lap puppy.

    Call Nancy. She is licensed. She might know someone closer in her network.

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    Default Re: Sanctuary or permanent place for squirrel

    Totally agree with HRT!
    Also... Be very careful with thoughts of relinquishing to a sanctuary.
    Due to safety issues related to the public, many State laws require
    wildlife that has been raised/held by humans are to be euthanized.
    And they will tell you whatever it is you need to hear to get possession.
    State Licensed
    Wildlife Master Rehabilitator

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