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Thread: Teeth and gum problems

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    Default Teeth and gum problems

    Sent a msg a couple of days ago trying to find out if I can put anything on my squirrels gum for pain and a hole in one side her teeth are bad and I do clip them but one turned in really bad recently and she was scratching at the one side and advise

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    Iím not sure you saw the reply so Iím linking it here.

    A 9 year old with chronic teeth issues is at high risk for odontoma. I would definitely contact Dr.Emerson for X-rays. Teeth issues for a squirrel can be life threatening. It is unlikely that putting something on the gums for pain would help. The cause of these problems needs to be investigated.

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    Dr. Alicia Emerson is tops in her field of squirrel dentistry. Her clinic is Ravenwood Vet Clinic, 4540 S. Clyde Morris Blvd, Port Orange, Fl 386-788-1550. You are not far from her office. I think itís imperative you have your squirrel seen to determine what is going on.

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    Default Re: Teeth and gum problems

    From Biscuits Mom:

    My squirrel is 9 yrs old her teeth are disfigured.

    I used to be able to cut them by myself now she's getting older there growing into the roof of her mouth and there getting infected all the time. asked the vet if he could take them out but not an option I accidentally cut one of her bottom teeth too short and it stopped growing. I'm wondering if I can do the same with the top my vet didn't answer me guess they want me to keep paying for the bill anthistia and the drimmeling and the antibiotics which is costly cant be removed to much involved.

    Can someone pls help me apparently they want her to suffer with this and are not helping with any solutions except keep coming back and paying for all the stuff I have been I know I stopped 1 tooth from growing by mistake but if I can do it for her top ones and also her not getting infected all the time I'm going to research this but any help would be appreciated.
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